Government Resources & Other Supports

Did you know the Canadian government offers resources and support for funeral arrangements that many Canadians are eligible for?

They include support like the Canada Pension Plan Death Benefit, Canada Pension Plan Survivor's Pension, Last Post Fund, Old Age Security Pensions, and others!

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Veteran Affairs Canada

Information about the department of Veteran Affairs, how to apply for veteran benefits and who qualifies along with what services are offered by Veteran Affairs Canada, info about medals and decorations and many, many other items. Links to other related sites as well.

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Old Age Security

Find information on Old Age Security.

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Last Post Fund

Find out about the Last Post Fund, benefits, how to apply and who is eligible. Find contact information for the Last Post Fund as well as what services are available.

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Canada Pension Plan Survivor's Pension

CPP Survivor's Pension Plan information, who is eligible, how to apply, and more.

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Canada Pension Plan Death Benefit

Find information about the Canada Pension Plan Death Benefit, answers questions on how to apply, who is eligible etc.

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